Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Euro Weddings

 Earrings + Brooch, sterling silver + fresh water pearls

Earrings, darkened sterling silver + fresh water pearls
These beauties have been created for two very close friends of mine in the UK who are getting married in September and October. It was a pleasure to make these pieces specifically for each of them who will prove to be gorgeous brides. I'm gonna be a blubbering mess for sure...my babies are getting married. hee hee.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Jewels

Envy Necklace from the Monochrome Memories Series, antique drawer pull, ribbon, spray paint

FLOWER VINE NECKLACE, Re-purposed sterling silver chains, glass beads, + sterling silver flowers from a previous project

GLAMPUNK EARRINGS, Re-purposed safety pins + faux pearls

To show some appreciation for some loving in-laws I have in the UK who always treat us soooooo well when we visit,  I made some one-of-a-kind jewellery for some lively ladies who I know are serious magpies. All the pieces here are made from re purposed materials collected in my studio. I stopped purchasing new materials to make jewelry challenging myself to use up as much materials I have as I can.

Envy Necklace is from a series I am working on called Monochrome Memories. Two other necklaces from this series are featured in my upcoming book called, Jewelry From Found Objects to be released by Stackpole Books in Spring 2011. I will announce the date officially once Stackpole Books soon. Stay Tuned and spread the word.

Flower Vine Necklace is made from odd lengths of chain I had in my studio that were left over from previous projects. the decorative beads were made by Liliana Bead + the sterling silver flower ends were going to be earrings but they were a little too big in the end.

GLAMPUNK Earrings are made from re-purposed safety pins that once decorated and held together a tee shirt, the faux pearls are from a garage sale necklace + sterling silver ear wires.

I'm really looking forward to handing these over to my gurls and see their smiling faces. Who said jewelry was all about status?


Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have been amassing jewelry by my favourite jewelers by initiating swaps for my work for years. Now there is a site called We Swap devoted to connecting artists who want to collect art but of course cannot afford it.

Check it!