Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Recycled Jewelry Contest

This is the last of the series of bracelets I made last week. Someone said that it looks Gothic but I think it is rather tribal. To make this bracelet I again started with a cardboard ribbon spool, then wrapped it in layers and layers of electrical tape. I intentionally wrapped it heavier on one side than the other to give it a slight asymmetrical look as well as to accommodate the copper wire.

I'm hoping to maybe make a few more while I am on holiday at the beach next week or at least gather some new materials for some new pieces. I wonder what I will find. I so hope I get my hands on some horseshoe crab tails that have washed up on the beach as they would make lovely elements for a necklace.

New Jewelry Giveaway Details: 

For this contest I will be giving away one of my cable-tie bangle bracelets to a person who leaves a comment on blog about one of the pieces I blogged about this week, June 6th, June 7th or today. Leave a comment about any of these bracelets telling me what you like about them, what you would wear it with, where you would wear it or a suggestion on how they could be made differently. The person who leaves a sincere constructive comment will win. I will announce the winner on June 23rd. Due to all comments being moderated before being published to my blog they will not be published to my blog until the 18th or 19th June when I return from holiday.

Thanx and good luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Cable Tie Jewelry

                                            Spikey Cable-Tie Bangle Bracelet

                                          Cable-Tie Bracelet (sans spikes)

                                           The Materials: Cardboard ribbon spool, duct tape +

In my entry yesterday I said I made 4 new bracelets, well I made 4 new styles but actually 5 bracelets in total. Here are two that I created with cable-ties. In my book that will be released this autumn you will see a fantastic necklace I made with these interesting fasteners as well. I don't know what it is about these cable ties that make them so much fun to play with but they can be addictive. I have made quite a few pieces of jewelry from this material

Tune-in tomorrow for to see another creation I made last week and for more details on how you can win one of these cable-tie bangles with or without spikes!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Recycled Jewelry - Trashed Diva Collection

I've been rummaging around in my jewelry box for some jewelry to revive and came across some rhinestone bracelets, a brooch and screw-back earrings I almost forgot all about. These two bracelets are part of a new series I am exploring called, 'Trashed Diva'.

Trashed Diva in Blue (top photo) is made from 4 blue rhinestone bracelets, blue satin ribbon, safety pins + a costume jewelry set of earrings + a brooch with lovely blue stones. The rhinestone bracelets although they are metal expand so you can get them over your hand + around your wrist. 

Trashed Diva with Black Pearls is made from two white/clear rhinestone bracelets joined end to end + accented with faux black pearls on safety pins. I think the steel gray of the faux pearls works really well with the aging metal + rhinestones.

I love the romantic result of both of the bracelets as well as the trashy/punk feeling the assemblage gives off. I hope to find some more rhinestone pieces to create more for this collection. What do YOU think?

Now that my book on recycled materials in jewelry is finished and at the publishers, I'm finding a little more time to get back to making. These are 2 of 4 bracelets I have made in the last week or so. I will be posting about them all in the next two days. 

I believe the contest guidelines are too labor intensive for everyone so I will be posting a new contest in the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready! All you will have to do to get a free piece of jewelry is leave a comment. Details soon...