Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day 2010

Steampunk Bracelet, copper sheet, copper electrical wire and sterling silver scraps
Photo by H. Skowood

This year on the 22nd of April Earth Day will be in its 40th year! To celebrate I will be offering a Reclaimed/Recycled Materials in Jewelry workshop at Metalwerx in Waltham, Massachusetts! We will be exploring how to create jewelry from found objects, scraps from your scrap box as well as recycled materials! To sign up visit the Metalwerx website.

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skowood said...

From Facebook:

Barbara Jacobs:
I am so in love with this bracelet! you rock! x

Fran LaFlamme:
Amazing! Well, done, Heather. :)

Jillian Healy:

Rochelle Dodson:
I love that bracelet of Skowood's

Jeffrey Smith:
Steampunk Rulz.

skowood said...

From Facebook:

Madame Tukatz:
I frikkin love your steampunk style!!!