Friday, October 30, 2009

Back From "My Mersey Paradise"

Madame applying make-up to Misty

Well the trip to Madchester was fantastic, as always. It was lovely to be able to go back for a month long visit to see friends + family and catch up properly. We spent a lot of time popping into cafes for tea + Curiosity Cola (I'm so addicted to that stuff, it beats Coke by miles!), cupcakes in Chorlton, checking out the latest work by designer/makers at the Manchester Craft & Design Centre and picking up a few pieces of clothing and accessories in the Northern Quarter (I'll save them for an upcoming post).

The 3-day photo shoot with Jonathan Keenan + Co. for the book I am writing about found object/recycled materials in jewelry was brilliant. It is such a pleasure working with Jonathan + watching him work his magic with the lens to capture the dramatic qualities of wearing my jewelry.

BIG THANX to Jonathan, his assistant David, my so very lovely friends Misty who modeled the jewelery + Madame Deax Chats for providing her make-up skills. As well as Colette Hazelwood, Rochelle Dodson, Samantha Mills, Christine Dhein + Emiko Oye for loaning me their jewelry creations to be included in the book. Cheers Mi Dears!!!!

Jonathan behind the lens shooting a necklace on Misty, David providing some extra light

Jonathan working hard from his throne in his studio in the Northern Quarter

He does work very hard to get the best shot + make everyone comfortable

"How can I feel more tired standing around modeling than a shift at A&E" - Misty

Photographing Emiko Oye's Lego Bracelet

(Bottom right Madame Deaux Chats is wearing the building block bracelet I made for her that will be included in the book)