Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teaser for my Recycled Materials in Jewelry Book - Location Shots

In addition to including photographs of the jewelry being worn on a model for my book, I have created digi-sketches of all the materials used to make the jewelry. The materials have been photographed out + about where they were 'found'. I thought taking them outside would make it a bit more interesting than studio shots. Give a shout, much feedback is needed for YOU!


skowood said...

On Facebook:

John Reed says:
"Can you seal in all that rust to preserve the colour and texture of the key and stuff?"

Heather Skowood says:
"I'm thinking on how to do that. I've only seen lacquer used and I hate the shine. For now they are taking on some colour for the finished pieces. I'm not posting the photos for them quite yet. ;)"

skowood said...

From Ganoksin:

marianne 09.10.09 at 9:27 pm
"much more interesting than on a plain background."

Jan 09.10.09 at 10:13 pm
"Sorry, but I find the backgrounds distracting, maybe just the road without the paint. Also I can’t tell what the top one is. Just my opinion. Jan Arlene"

M'lou 09.11.09 at 10:40 am
"I don’t believe you really found the nails piled neatly on the pavement. Did you?"

heatherskowood 09.12.09 at 10:00 am
"Thanx you everyone for your comments:
No, I really didn’t find the nails piled on the pavement like that, the top photo shows black plastic curlers used to make a bracelet. These photos are staged/artistic shots of the materials in hopes that they will be a more interesting presentation for my book. These photos will be along side photographs of the jewelry being worn on a model. When put together I hope that they will tell a more interesting story…more to come.

All comments welcome, cheers!"