Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collecting Rusty Objects in The Rain Bliss - Brimfield Antique + Flea Market

The Brimfield Antique and Flea Market is the largest in New England. I've visited this show a few times over the years since my friend's family sells antiques in the J + J Field. Now that I live here in New England I go to all 3 shows they hold every summer. Seriously from antique buttons, fabrics, knick-knacks, fiestaware to lawn ornaments made from old sheet metal to andirons + armoires this show in Brimfield  has something for every type of collector imaginable...including peeps like me who LOVE rusty objects.
Last year I found One Stop Antiques, Inc. from Marietta, Ohio. They have a HUGE booth practically a pavilion, full of metal, glass + wood drawer pulls, old keys + escutcheons, decorative light fittings, crystals from chandeliers + soooo many other lovely lil' hunnies to create with. Since starting my exploration of using cold connections to join found objects + recycled materials in my jewelry this show and in-particular One Stop Antiques has been my Mecca for sourcing materials. 
Yesterday it rained like hell but we were out there in our ponchos (my lil' boy snug in his sling on me) gazing around at all the lovely objects people painstakingly collect than bring out to sell to more collectors. It's a great recycling program. The rain came and went + coincidentally the down pour arrived just as I stepped under One Stop's tent. So I just HAD to take shelter there combing through their treasures till the rain slowed down. :) Bliss indeed.


AJ said...

That place looks wicked!!! i can imagine you being like a child in a candy store! not knowing where to look first! :)

skowood said...

Totally AJ, running around drooling all over everything! haha

sandyxxx said...

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Heather said...

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Thank you,