Monday, July 13, 2009

Stackpole Books - Found Object/Recycled Jewelry Book

Exciting news, I recently signed a contract with Stackpole Books to author a book about my jewelry made of recycled/reclaimed materials!! I'm soooo very excited about this project which will include work I've created in the past year as well as some new pieces made specifically for this publication. Plus a few of my jewelry colleagues that have inspired me to explore recycled materials in my work will also be featured in the book.

So far I've have a rough outline of the project finished and some digi-sketches of the found location photos for the materials used in making the jewelry (see above). I'm going to start the introduction this afternoon and get back in the studio to play with some more samples I'm working on which will help me execute a few of the final pieces.

If you like/dislike or have any questions about the project as I blog about it, do give me a shout. Feedback as always is welcome! Also check out the new group I posted on Crafthaus called, "Recycled Adornments". It's a forum for art jewelers who are creating adornments from recycled, reclaimed and re-purposed materials to show post photos of their work and discuss related topics.


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