Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Inspiration: Art in the Park - Elm Park, Worcester, MA

The Art in the Park event in Worcester Mass. is back! And I tease you not it is even BETTER than last year. Last year the event was hit or miss but this year I don't think there is one sculpture that I don't like. All of the work this year is made to withstand the elements and all of the work has been really thought out, plus there are quite a few created with recycled materials!

I took these photos yesterday of two of my favourites. The top photo is of a floating sculpture made of lawn chairs, which like the bridge spanning the water in the background reminds me of a bracelet. (heehee Yes, I do see jewelry EVERYWHERE!) The bottom photo is of a gazebo type structure made entirely from a piano. This is a detail of the dome which is made of the piano keys.

Go Worcester!!


Madame Deux Chats said...

Ace!! love the chair sculpture! I can see why you would be inspired by that one!! and the piano one is simply gorgeous x

skowood said...

I was over at the piano hut again yesterday, I can't get enough of it too!