Friday, June 26, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me To Create Jewelry #24 Pre-Columbian Art + Architecture

#24 Pre-Columbian Art + Architecture

My 6th grade history teacher presented the history of Latin America to me in a way that made me fall madly in love with the art and architecture of that part of the world. I fell so hard that I swore that some day I would visit Machu Picchu in Peru. Well, in 2000 the dream came true and I did visit that incredible place. I have yet to visit the Mayan sites of Guatemala, but there is still time.

The spirituality of the people, the amazingly intricate carvings on their buildings and sculptures, their dedication to the sun and the moon in relationship to their built environment so that buildings create shadow play at the equinoxes is just mind-blowingly beautiful to me. There is so much meaning, creativity and celebration in everything the Aztecs, Mayans and Inca did at the height of their civilization. Although may of these countries are now in much more poverty they hold traditions from their history that still makes them very rich in spirituality, respecting nature as their ancestors did.

These are two of my favourite books in my collection about Pre-Columbian art and architecture. The 1st is an amazing book of photographs of the Pre-Columbian architecture called, "Silent Cities of Mexico and The Maya", by Norman F Carver, Jr. The 2nd is called, "Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico" by Jorge Enciso which is a collection of pottery stamps found throughout Mexico. I have taken a few of these motifs for my tattoos, one of the rain god, the fire god and the third a geometric flower motif.

If you haven't seen my 'La Joyeria de La Luna' piece made in honor of the Mayan Moon Goddess visit my website. I loved making the nose ornament and have worn it to a few events. As the Maya intended the wearing of such a nose ornament, it certainly demands people's attention!


Veronica said...

Mayan art is amazing! WAM has a great collection on the top floor!

skowood said...

Good examples over at WAM indeed!

Flash said...

It is truly amazing how the past teaches the pupils of life.... IF we will cultivate the passion for learning, Kudos to great teachers!

and yes, money does not make one rich.

You have wonderful creative insight, peace!

skowood said...

HUGE PROPS to teachers, glad to be sharing with you!