Monday, May 11, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #16+17 Hands/Tattoos

# 16 + 17 Hands/Tattoos

Hands are one of the most brilliant tools of our bodies. I have always celebrated hands by designing all kinds of adornments from traditionally worn rings, knuckedusters to hand ornaments. I love watching people's hands, the way one gestures when they talk, how musicians glide their hands elegantly over instruments to make music, how they can be used to communicate with those who cannot hear and of course how important they are to creating art objects.

I see tattoos as permant jewelry. I have one that goes partially around my wrist, an armband on my upper arm and also one on my ankle in addition to this heart on my hand that is in honour of my grandfather. All of them but this heart are Mayan and Aztec motifs because of my love for Meso-American art + architecture. For me tattoos are very personal and are expressions of love and sentimenality just like jewelry. It's an extraordinary art form!

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