Monday, May 18, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me To Create Jewelry #20 Triangles

#20 Triangles

I'm not really sure where my obsession with triangles came from but I have always really loved the shape and it's use in bridge structures. I've also had this obsession since I was a teenager with making these triangle links with drinking straws when I'm out at the cafe or pub having a drink. Which also reminds me of this fabulous dress I made my freshman year at Moore College of Art. It was full ballroom skirt style dress made of drinking straws spray painted in copper to look like a cage. It was sooo cool, unfortunately I never took a photo of it. Maybe I should make a new version with my improved making skills! Hmmmmmm, just maybe.

Friday, May 15, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me To Create Jewelry #19 Sunsets

#19 Sunsets

The day is done + when the sun falls gently below the horizon leaving a display of colours across the sky + clouds it's time for relaxing with friends, dancing with fire + tapping into those corners of my mind where really creative things lie...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me To Create Jewelry #18 Tools

#18 Tools

This is a photo of my bench top. These are just a few of the tools I use to create my jewelry. In addition to the hand tools at my bench I have (+ also love) my mini - rolling mills for drawing down wire and making sheet metal thinner, my hot rod steam machine for cleaning, a ultrasonic machine that is also used for cleaning, my polishing machine and my ringer bender. My husband jokes with me and says the tool catalogues that arrive to our door every month are my jewelry porn. I suppose he is right. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, May 11, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #16+17 Hands/Tattoos

# 16 + 17 Hands/Tattoos

Hands are one of the most brilliant tools of our bodies. I have always celebrated hands by designing all kinds of adornments from traditionally worn rings, knuckedusters to hand ornaments. I love watching people's hands, the way one gestures when they talk, how musicians glide their hands elegantly over instruments to make music, how they can be used to communicate with those who cannot hear and of course how important they are to creating art objects.

I see tattoos as permant jewelry. I have one that goes partially around my wrist, an armband on my upper arm and also one on my ankle in addition to this heart on my hand that is in honour of my grandfather. All of them but this heart are Mayan and Aztec motifs because of my love for Meso-American art + architecture. For me tattoos are very personal and are expressions of love and sentimenality just like jewelry. It's an extraordinary art form!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #15 Cemeteries

# 15 Cemeteries

Before there were public parks people gathered in cemeteries to meet with others and enjoy the sunny days as well as pay respects to their dead loved ones. Some people even built elaborate mausoleums where they invited people to enjoy small performances and parties. Sometimes public parks are not quiet enough and I love to stroll through very old cemeteries admiring the craftsmanship that went into carvings and iron work that the adorn graves. It's peaceful and give me time to clear me head. This photo was taken in Paris at Pere-Lachaise.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #14 New Orleans

#14 New Orleans

New Orleans is the very soul of America as far as I am concerned. It is a place where many cultures converge to create a city that celebrates life to the fullest through it's people's unique history, music, art, food, literature, architecture and of course the way it celebrates with Mardi Gras.

I've visited New Orleans 5 times once for Mardi Gras and 4 times more to remind myself that there is so much beauty in the world and not to miss a instant of it. I remember reading an article in the paper once and a writer from The Crescent City was asked if it bothered him that the life expectancy of the average New Orleanian was 65. The guy's reply was something like, " I don't mind at all. I've done more in my life than the average person and if I die tomorrow I'll die happy."

So there you have it. Embrace life, make the most of every second weather it's bad times or good because we might not be here tomorrow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #13 Fashion Photography

#13 Fashion + Fashion Photography

I'm not a watcher of trends so everyday street wear does not always interest me. Unless it has a really unusual edge to it. This is a photo of my studio wall where I hang pages from fashion + art magazines to inspire me. The more unusual the design the more I love it. Why wear something someone else has?

BTW don't you just love that haircut in the black + white photo? Mmmmmmm

Sunday, May 3, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #12 Bill Hicks

# 12 Comedian Bill Hicks

When I get too overwhelmed by this sad + beautiful world I sit down and watch my collection of Bill Hicks shows on DVD to put it all back in perspective. You just gotta remember to laugh. Here are some of my favourite Bill Hick's quotes. Check him out on You Tube. His DVD 'Relentless' is his best I think.


"I'm so sick of arming the world, then sending troops over to destroy the fucking arms, you know what I mean? We keep arming these little countries, then we go and blow the shit out of them. We're like the bullies of the world, y'know. We're like Jack Palance in the movie Shane, throwing the pistol at the sheepherder's feet.

"Pick it up."

"I don't wanna pick it up, Mister, you'll shoot me."

"Pick up the gun."

"Mister, I don't want no trouble. I just came downtown here to get some hard rock candy for my kids, some gingham for my wife. I don't even know what gingham is, but she goes through about ten rolls a week of that stuff. I ain't looking for no trouble, Mister."

"Pick up the gun."

(He picks it up. Three shots ring out.)

"You all saw him - he had a gun."


"If you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, then go home and burn all your records, all your tapes, and all your CDs because every one of those artists who have made brilliant music and enhanced your lives? RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEAL fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few songs."


"Children are smarter than any of us. Know how I know that? I don't know one child with a full time job and children."


"We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution."


"Here is my final point. About drugs, about alcohol, about pornography and smoking and everything else. What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, say, think, who I fuck, what I take into my body - as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet?"

Bill Hick

R.I.P 1961 - 1994