Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Found Object Jewelry - Drinking Straw Necklace + Bracelet

I have had a compulsion since I was a kid to take drinking straws from my finished fountain sodas or cocktails make them into triangles, link them together and leave them in the glass. I leave them where ever I go and finally got caught out at Common in Manchester last year when I brought my glasses up to the bar and the bartender said, "You're the one who makes these triangle chains. We have them hanging up in the back!". I thought that was pretty cool. So last week I came across a package of straws in my pantry + decided to make some jewelry. I think this is my favourite piece so far. Though I really love my curler bracelet too. It's hard to pick your favourite baby without the getting jealous of one another. :)

Sorry I don't show the bracelet too. I couldn't get a good photo of both being worn.

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