Wednesday, April 29, 2009

25 Things That Inspire Me to Create Jewelry - #11 Machinery

# 11 Machinery

I am absolutely fascinated by machines and their parts, especially gears. I can look under the hood of a car or at a motorcycle and stare for hours amazed that someone discovered how to machine all those parts and put them together to do something useful.

Manchester, England is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. While I lived there en route to my studio everyday I had to pass the Museum of Science and Industry. I often went in just to smell the oil of all those very old machines still being nursed to move day in and day out to demonstrate early machinery to the public. I also often went in to sketch by hand as well as digitally with my camera all the different parts for inspiration.
I miss that place.


The Friar said...

I have to agree. There is something enamoring about those old cog and wheel, steam pipe pumped, oil skinned machines of olde. I think we were in the thick of something magnificent when the world stumbled on those creations, but we impatiently pushed past to see how much better we all could be. I think we missed a hey day in that.

I really hope train travel returns in numbers and takes the form of baroque lavish that it had in the old west. Greyhound-style compact seating in flights that sacrifice seeing the world for time is no substitute.

skowood said...

I agree totally we did miss something in the process. Maybe it's like Now, the technology is coming in sooo fast we have idea how it will hit us later, what we will loose...

Train travel does need to come back indeed...the whole damn world needs to slow down just a bit, if only... if we keep the dream alive maybe we will be lucky!