Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recycled Materials: Plastic Pull Tabs Bracelet (from Milk cartons)

Jewelry making experiments with recycled materials continues to bring exciting new discoveries to my studio. I really enjoy making jewelry that challenges me as well as the wearer to reconsider traditional perceptions of what we think jewelry is or should be.

Since my exploration of exclusively using recycled materials in jewelry began earlier in the year I have been hoarding all sorts of interesting things from my recycling bin before putting it out for its weekly collection. One mound of objects that has been growing are the interesting little plastic pull tabs from our cartons of milk. I really love the shape of them and their flexibility. I've been living with this bracelet for a few weeks now not sure weather it needs any embellishment or not. I'm so intrigued as it is I'm not sure that it needs anything else. Though, I am considering adhering small fluff balls to each to transform it into something a bit more outrageous. Then again since my stock pile of pull tabs grows I could just make another one. What do you think?

Another interesting aspect about recycling and using recycled materials in art is that as you are drawn to collecting specific objects you really begin to see how many of the damn things we disregard. Then you think well this is just what I personally use and recycle on a weekly basis. What about all the things that are used, NOT recycled and end up in the landfill? It's important to reflect on these thoughts at this point in time, the population is growing rapidly, the global economy as we know it is falling apart and we will have to look for better ways of taking care of ourselves and our environment. How will you participate in the future?

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elena said...

reciclar para re-diseƱar, una pulsera muy original!


skowood said...

Muchas Gracias Elena!

megan said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog - you really added to the discussion.

This is a great piece!

skowood said...

Cheers Megan! Your blog post on Handmade has me thinking more too and will add to my upcoming post on GOLD.


Anonymous said...

I love it Heather... and milk is so good for you too. mmm...

I like the idea of added fluff balls, esp if punched through with something darker (going with the pink/thorn love/hate theme)...

How did you attach them to each other, and how is the catch made???


skowood said...

Hey Muckser!

The tabs actually fit inside one another because they are so flexible. The catch is just another one of the tabs so it appears seamless, which I love, like it worked out on my curler bracelet.

I have to give a think about incorporating some thorns, would be interesting....