Monday, December 15, 2008

Jewelry Design Studies with Found Objects

This pendant and ring are studies or 3D sketches for a new jewelry concept I want to start working on. The concept isn't developed but my point of departure stems from my interest in using found objects and recycled materials. Both the pendant and ring pictured here are made from pebbles I found on the beach in Maine and both the copper wire and aluminum wire have been salvaged by my brother from his electrical job.

I'm not too concerned about craftsmanship with these pieces as I consider them sketches. Though I do like rough treatment of the materials as it gives it a bit more of a rustic character which is maybe something I'd like to make more intentional in future pieces. I love urban decay and weathered materials such as wood and rusty metal so this might be fitting for the new concept.

I'm really excited about using more found objects and recycled materials in my work. It has really changed the way I make jewelry, mainly not using a torch, and has also helped me make mental connections about some designs I wasn't sure about making in the past. Plus being more honest about where my raw materials are sourced from makes me feel better about my impact on the environment and people who are labouring in the metal mines under horrible conditions around the world.

Speaking of being more responsible National Geographic's feature article, "Gold: The True Cost of a Global Obsession" in their January 2009 issue should be on every jeweler/metalsmith/designermaker's bench right now. It is a fantastic artilcle that hopefully will stir up a lot of discussion. Keep your eye on my blog as this week I will being writing my response to the article.

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