Saturday, October 18, 2008

Found Object Jewelry: More Buidling Blocks, The Braclet

Now that I've handed over this lil' beauty to Nikki2Katz I can finally do a bit of blogging about this bracelet! This bracelet was made along with the necklace I made for her daughter Jazmine that I blogged about back in August for a swap of each others work. Nikki is a incredibly imaginative illustrator (as well as supa cool DJ with skillz that always get my booty shakin'!) and I fell in love with one of her prints so promised her some jewelry for it.

I had a lot of fun trying to work out how to assemble this bracelet. Like the necklace I made Jaz it is made of building blocks I picked up at a flea market. The thing about the blocks is that they seems to be half the thickness of ordinary blocks therfore work very well around the wrist. I have posted photos of the front as well as the back to show how I resolved assembling it. What I used in the end was an old nylon belt to join the blocks together by using threaded rivets, silver washers and epoxy. This joinery is quite satisfiying as it doesn't make the bracelet much longer than 7" nor is there big spaces between the blocks that disrupt the flow of Nikki2Katz which is her DJ name. I can just see her hands on the decks cahnging and skratchin' records with these lovely blocks dancning around her wrists...

Can you tell how much love celebrating the creative tools we've all been given?

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