Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Living with Me

When I'm not making jewellery I'm hoarding things I find on the street, at flea markets and in friends + families basements. Although I embrace contemporary architecture, sculpture and technology with full abandon I also can be very maudlin for objects left behind from older times. These objects can range from old photographs, rusty nails in all shapes and sizes, weathered wood and stones and metal with a good patina on it.

The photos above are of some wall pieces I made over the years and hang on the walls of my home. I'm not quite sure what it is about assembling old weathered objects together into these wall hangings that I find soooo satisfying. Maybe it's an urge to try to understand personal history - my own and others or trying to to hold onto time in an age where everything moves excessively fast and things can slip by us if we don't slow down long enough to notice.

The top photo is a wall piece I created for a show in Natick called 'The Chair Project'. Its title is, 'Reserved Seating'. The piece is assembled from an old piece of wood I found in my Nana's basement along with some old copper wire and the photo had been sitting in my collection for a quite some time. I thought it was perfect for this project. I find the photo really intriguing in that all the women are standing and the men and young boy are seated. The women as usual, stand strong and proud and standing by their men. But what about the old fashioned (?) courtesy extended to women by giving up their seat for them?

The 2nd photo is of a wall piece assembled with another old wood board found in my Nana's basement and some old steel and copper tacks. I've always loved African nail fetish sculptures with their magickal connotations as well as the history of Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo practiced in places like in New Orleans. The triangles have special meaning to me and my partner who met by chance. Two people separated by an ocean most of their lives then united when our paths crossed unexpectedly...or was it the voodoo that was being worked?

The 3rd photo is of a wall piece I created while studying at Moore College of Art. It is one of two pieces from that period I still live with. It has been fabricated from copper sheet, rope, and copper wire. The piece is from a short experimentation with metalsmithing and explorations in organic and sea life forms.

The bottom photo is a assemblage of wood, copper wire and an old awl I found in my grandfather's tool drawer after he died. As a lover of tools and homage to the man who probably influenced my desire to hoard things like old wood, hardware + tools this is for him.

I hope you enjoyed. Give me a shout!


Anonymous said...

Love the interlocking triangles... have not seen that before - is it new?

Love the story too... you old squishee you!

kisses and more kisses

skowood said...

I probably made it after your visit with us if you didn't see it...yeah squishee you know me ;P

Anonymous said...

You need a pic of the piece in Khartoum up here somewhere too! Get Muckle on the case.
Love the triangles the most, then the top one with the photo especially. The rope-ish one is very intriguing.

Love and kisses,

skowood said...

Actually I DO need a photo of the wall piece in Khartoum Street! Thanx for reminding me!