Thursday, October 30, 2008

Delaware Decadence

I just love visual tension and contrasts, within them there are so many surprising textures, emotions + experiences. I often incorporate contrasts and tensions in my jewellery too through use of textures, materials + even through the way I design and fabricate my work. My Fluff collection for instance creates interesting tension between the soft fluff material, metal and colour which is why I believe, people respond to those pieces of jewellery. My larger sculptural jewellery like the Strangeways knuckleduster + the Sensual hand ornament are examples of how tension brings a surprise to my jewellery. Often people think upon first glance that these larger pieces I create will be cumbersome and awkward to wear but once they put them on they are exceedingly pleased how comfortable + wearable the jewellery is. I love that reaction since I try to make exciting work that is a delightful visual as well as physical experience for the wearer.

As for the photo above I shot it at my brother's house. I had been lugging this chair around in the back of my car for the weekend to get it back to my house from our grandmother's. I took it out and put it in the entrance of my brother's shed thinking the contrast of the vibrant blood red velvet against the ordinary shed interior would make a interesting image. What do you think?

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