Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crafthaus Network

I just found this network called Crafthaus via someone's jewellery blog over at www.ganoksin.com/blogs/. While going through their almost 1500 page gallery of high quality work I stumbled on these beauties! Wooooweeeeee! I'm blown away. They are super lovely forms with VERY sexy textures!!! Purrrrrrrrrr. The blue rubbery neckpiece (damn this piece just makes me quiver!) is by Anthony Tammaro (he's from Philly too!) and Lick No. 1 neckpiece made of terry cloth and seed beads which would be handy for all the drooling I have been doing over it is by Amy Weiks!

Please excuse me, I must now get back to viewing the other half of the Crafthaus gallery to find more drooling opportunities!


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