Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calder inspires

A few weeks ago I made it down to Philly to catch up with my Peeps and check out the exhibition of jewelry by Alexander Calder at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The first time I saw Calder's jewelery was in a major show in D.C. many moons ago that included jewelery as well as every other medium under the sun that this man dipped his fingers into. WOW! This show at the PMA however is the first time I ever saw a show of just his jewelery. And an amazing show it is and the catalog which is a seriously hefty volume with gorgeous photos is worth every penny!

So I took time out from drouling over the catalog (everyday since I bought it) long enough to do a little experimenting in wire. This necklace it part Calder and maybe part Cocoon necklace. In any case I'm lovin' it and it fits in with my new explorations in recycling. All the wire is from building sites my lil' brother is on while he is doing electrical work. Purrrrfect!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this beautiful piece... its all mine now and I am out wearing it tonight. Woohoo...!

Lucky lucky mistypoo