Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recycled Materials: Steampunk Bracelet

This lil' number is one of the first pieces of jewelry that comes close to expressing my absolute LOVE for collecting rusty objects off the streets. It's a fairly straight forward bracelet and not as sculptural as many of my other pieces but I'm happy with the connection I have finally been able to make my rusty hunnies.

Most of the metal used to make this is either recycled electrical wire or silver and copper scraps from my scrap box. It is also completely assembled with cold connection techniques so no soldering/torch work was used to fabricate the bracelet.

I call it a Steampunk bracelet because I think it sort of fits that genre of subculture which I have a bit of fancy for too. Take a look at this wikipedia link to do some jaw-dropping over the craftsmanship of some of the object conversions people have done. There are some extremely talented people out there doing some brilliantly imagintive work!


Calder inspires

A few weeks ago I made it down to Philly to catch up with my Peeps and check out the exhibition of jewelry by Alexander Calder at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The first time I saw Calder's jewelery was in a major show in D.C. many moons ago that included jewelery as well as every other medium under the sun that this man dipped his fingers into. WOW! This show at the PMA however is the first time I ever saw a show of just his jewelery. And an amazing show it is and the catalog which is a seriously hefty volume with gorgeous photos is worth every penny!

So I took time out from drouling over the catalog (everyday since I bought it) long enough to do a little experimenting in wire. This necklace it part Calder and maybe part Cocoon necklace. In any case I'm lovin' it and it fits in with my new explorations in recycling. All the wire is from building sites my lil' brother is on while he is doing electrical work. Purrrrfect!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Found Objects Jewelry: Circus Bracelet

Circus Bracelet? Well, the ruffle effect of this bracelet reminds me of the collar on a clown outfit. It made me laugh so I thought I'd share the thought. :) It is a funny bracelet anyway, I just love the color combo. The bracelet is made up of folded non-slip rubber pads I found in the dollar store. Usually this material is used in larger sheets under area rugs to prevent them from slipping across your floor. I don't know why they have been made so small and is probably why they ended up in the dollar store.

Dollar stores are like flea markets to me. Its where you find useless stuff that is going to end up in a landfill. It just baffles me that there is so much dire crap manufactured out there! Well, I'm glad I could put it to use.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Found Object Jewelry: Building Blocks

Last weekend I went to the Riatta flea market in Hubbardston, Mass. to scout out some interesting objects to make jewelry out of. I will also be sharing some of these finds with my class at Metalwerx in the Autumn. So I found these great children's wooden blocks and created this pendant for my friend's little gurl. I have a bracelet in mind too and once I work out the design I'll post photos of it.

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