Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recycled Materials in Jewellery Study #1

It's time for a new direction.
With environmental issues in our homes, at our work, in our studios and in the world at large becoming more and more urgent we must take a closer look at our environment and ask if we are dong enough for the health and safety of ourselves, our family and the global community.

I've decided to take a new approach to my work and begin exploring materials and techniques that reduce my impact on the environment and my personal health. I've started doing this by considering recycled and reclaimed materials much more and using less chemicals in the process of making my jewellery.

This bracelet is one of the first pieces I made recently while embarking in this new direction. It is constructed of black plastic hair curlers that I have linked together with oxidized copper jump rings. To create a seamless/continuous design that isn't disrupted by an obvious catch for opening and closing the bracelet; I used the female parts of the curlers and used only one male barrel curler part to enable the bracelet to be opened and closed. I really enjoyed the challenge of making this bracelet and very excited the result was architectural in style.

The next few blog entries coming up this week will feature a few pieces I have
recently made with reclaimed or recycled materials. I will also talk in more depth about the No Dirty Gold campaign which advocates responsible mining as well as my upcoming class at Metalwerx in the autumn, "Reclaimed and Recycled Materials in Jewelry". I hope you will join in on discussions.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!


Madame Deux Chats said...

that curler bracelet is HAIRMAZING!!!!!!!!

skowood said...

Heehee, thanx Madame!