Saturday, March 8, 2008

'Wedding Adornment' a Manchester Jewellers Network Exhibition

Nest Collection - sterling silver wire + glass beads handmade by LilianaBead

The Manchester Jewellers Network exhibition 'Wedding Adornment' was presented in the summer of 2006 at the Manchester Royal Exchange in England. The exhibition showcased jewelry and textiles created by Manchester designer/makers who incorporated "themes and aesthetics taken directly from various cultural matrimonial ceremonies such as church weddings, Muslim weddings and same sex ceremonies, with an aim of influencing new concepts in wedding adornment."*

"The Nest Collection focuses on the bride and her confidants who she has given honour to in her wedding party and has confided in over the years before meeting her Life Partner. The collection is created from sterling silver wire and transparent hollow glass beads used to create an elaborate necklace for the bride and a simple yet related version for each of her confidants with matching earrings. The collection also reflects the union between me and glass artist Liliana Cirstea Glenn my professional partner as this is our first major collaboration. Our intention is to bring our passions of metal and glass together with our passion to create handmade contemporary jewellery that will stand the test of time."*


*taken from the Wedding Adornment Exhibition Catalogue
 photo on left by  Jon Cotton, UK
photo on right by Heather Skowood and LilianaGlenn

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