Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mind The Gap

Hey there! Well I got that bug that seemed to be going around which landed me in bed sick for a few days. As soon as I felt better I jumped a train to see mi Peeps in Philly and back on the homestead. It was a good trip all around. It's always great catching up with the loved ones!

I also got to travel by train which is my favourite way to travel really. I love the rhythm of the train, putting the headphones on and watching the world go by, making up stories about all the scenery and people you see. I also just love the tracks themselves and all the electrical wires used to make it all work. It is especially fun for me when we go through North Jersey which despite being a bit of a gross wasteland right outside of NYC is a visual feast of ideas for me. I mean look at all those girders, supports and crazy network of wires! I just could stare at them for hours getting so many ideas from them.

We'll see what brews up in the studio over the next few weeks and I'll post more photos.


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