Sunday, March 9, 2008

Contemporary Wedding Jewelry - What does a jeweler wear to her wedding?

Sterling Silver Necklace with Black Pearls +
Sterling Silver Hollow Ring with Black Pearl + Etched Design

To be honest my wedding band and engagement ring (not shown) that are 18K white gold are quite simple and reflect my taste for German design. I didn't want anything that would get in the way of working with my hands and I am a firm believer of never taking these rings off. The engagement ring has a  1.5 mm diamond flush mounted in a simple 3mm round band and sits next to a 4mm flat wedding band. I love the round and flat combination and the fact that they are so simple allows them to be comfortable to wear everyday. I didn't wish to have a big diamond as I think the money was better spent traveling with my Love in Europe!

The jewelry you see pictured I made the year before I was married. My husband was traveling in China for work at the time and got himself into a jewelry trade show and bought me a small collection of 5mm black pearls as a surprise. What an amazing surprise right? He's a keeper for sure! When I set out to design this black pearl necklace I knew I wanted very special jewelry that would compliment my aubergine a-line taffeta dress (how I LOVE that dress!) but I also wanted something that my husband and I would pass down to our children.

The necklace is made from sterling silver wire with small hidden hinge-mechanisms where they overlap and the ends are capped with the half-drilled black pearls. I really love how it drapes down the back of my neck as well as hangs slightly in the front. It is a like a drawing around my neck when worn! The ring is hollow and decorated with a hand drawn etched pattern plus my signature thorns that protect the black pearl from being srcratched.

I have worn these beauties many times over the years for special occasions and I even included the ring in an jewelry exhibition in London. The exhibition called 'Heirlooms' was presented by the Association for Contemporary Jewellery during their 2006 conference, 'Carry the Can'.



Anonymous said...

What does a girl get her lovely jeweler friend to make for her on her wedding day....? he he

Inda x

skowood said...

She gets her harding working husband to foot the bill for a new necklace AND the wedding bands. ;)

Don't tell me you FINALLY set a date?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! Set a date?! Have you forgotten who we are already! And don't you think you'd be one of the first to know ;)

It's your birthday today! Hope you and your lover are having a beautiful weekend!