Thursday, March 27, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - for Sharmishtha Ghangrekar

Sterling Silver pendant with bezel set Fossil Coral

This is another necklace in my exploration of using beautiful stones from Horizon Mineral. The stone I used here is a Fossil Coral. I love contrasting textures, shapes and colours and really love the way the architectural elements I made in silver support the organic and somewhat fragile feel of the stone. I only say fragile because this is a fossil and a snapshot of life has been captured eternally within this stone. The imagery is beautiful, this once living organism so fragile is protected and incased in silver.

Because this necklace seems to embody this theme of life and death I thought it was quite a perfect necklace for my friend Sharmishtha Ghangrekar in the UK who I can now proudly say is a doctor! Sharmishtha is a strong and passionate person who is dedicated to educating, nurturing and taking care of people so this one is for her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am the said doc - lucky recipient of the bea-U-tiful necklace. I always feel very fortunate to have such a talented buddy, and there have been other creations of hers I also love to bits... but this one is stunning.

Its more shiny (different finsih to the metal - more polished I think?) than the other H crafts I have, and I kind of like the difference. I also love the fossil in it, it reminds me of the fossils we found in the back yard of a gorgeous country retreat we shared some real good times (mmm) in recently...

But as always, the best bit is in the metalwork itself I think - I love the chunkiness of the bar that holds the chain, which is contrasted with the delicately crafted cutout back. The back is like a secret bit of Heather craft, just for me to see and enjoy. It must have been really difficult to do - the piece is very well made indeed and the shape of the metal window on the back is just perfect for seeing the beautiful organic patterns in the fossil.

Ta very muchly my dear...

From your mucky magpie ;-D

skowood said...

I'm blushing again, thank you mucky magpie you are sooo very kind -H.