Sunday, March 16, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - for Samantha Mills

This brooch was created for yet another of my wonderful jeweler friends in Manchester, Samantha Mills. Sam is one of the few people I know who can rock a hat like nobody's business! I'm always so jealous when I see her because I want to wear hats with cool brooches on them but can never really pull it off like Sam. Maybe I can convince her to send in a photo of herself so you can see what I mean.

This design is made of very thin sterling silver sheet so it will not be too heavy on her hat but is reinforced with the I-beam-like reinforcement on the curves to make the brooch ridged and strong. I really love incorporating architectural elements like that into my designs. The sweeping curves of this design remind very much of Sam's flexible and free spirited approach to everything she does. You can see some of her work at the Manchester Jewellers Network site. I happen to own one of her lovely 'jack' necklaces as well as one of her amazing necklaces made out of sewing bobbins! Sam's bobbin necklace is featured in the Ethical Metalsmith's online exhibition, 'Composting Good and Evil".



sam mills said...

I love Heathers structure and surface, the brooch designed was a development from the bangle structure, of which I love also. The piece can be worn on meny garments and yes on my hats!!!

skowood said...

oooooh the hats!