Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - for Indrayani Ghangrekar

You may have noticed that it isn't very often that I use stones in my work. The reason being is that I am obsessed with metal and how I can use it to build forms with it rather than using metal as a just a platform to showcase a stone. Nonetheless I cannot deny the allure of shiney things and particularly stones that are VERY unusual so occasionally I do use them.

A Connecticut jeweler friend of mine who uses a lot of stones in her jewelry designs introduced me to her stone dealer last year and it was then I began to really understand her obsession with stones and reconsider them myself. Her dealer is Joe Jelks of Horizon Mineral in Lewes, Delaware. Joe is a kind and very chilled out guy who hand cuts his own stones from minerals he sources from all over the world. I have to say I walked away with quite a few of his stones and set out to do a few pieces with them as a challenge to how I usually design.

The first of these challenges was this necklace that I made for my friend Indrayani in the UK that features one of Joe's hand-cut Ocean Jaspers. I chose this stone for Inda because she studies neuroscience and I thought the pattern in this Jasper was very cellular looking. Since the stone's pattern is not just on the surface and can also be seen from the back I decided to pierce the metal out in the back to reveal its pattern there too. I also added the extra metal pieces on the top and bottom to continue the pattern and imply that it was growing out if its frame.

The next few entries that I post will be on this series of pendants with stones, I hope you will let me know what you think.



littlemissme said...

I'm Indrayani - the person who received the gorgeous pendant and wanted to say a few things about how much I love it.

Hmmm....it's a bit hard to put into words though....it's really beautiful and I really appreciate the thought I know that Heather has put into the design - it really flows beautifully and looks very fluid. I continue to be amazed with her creations and how she thinks of all the fine details to the point of being obsessive! The pieces do very well from her perfectionism though.

I get a thrill when I first put on the pendant as the cold metal touches my neck. The stone makes it a little heavy but of a nice weight that sits very comfortably. I've already received several comments of admiration from friends. I already have a few pieces made by Heather but not enough! But it's never going to be enough, I'm now thinking about what I want Heather to make for me next....

skowood said...

Now I am blushing, thanx so much Inda! It was a pleasure making this piece for you!


skowood said...

From Follower on Facebook:

"Indrayani Ghangrekar
at 6:45pm April 3
Hey, I wore the necklace the other day and somebody commented that the metal was the most interesting bit about it. I have now decided to sometimes wear it metal side up, stupid though - how did I never think of it before?!?! Lovin it! Thanks again :) x"