Thursday, March 6, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - for Colette Hazelwood

Sterling Silver and Glass Bead Cocktail Ring 
for Colette Hazelwood, UK

This lovely lil' hunny was made for one of my favorite UK jewelers and very good friend Colette Hazelwood. The brilliant turquoise color of the bead (by LilianaBead) is a favorite of Colette's so I knew it would suit her very well. Plus I added the small silver flower piece on top to finish it off and hide the hole of the bead. It's like the cherry on top which is how I think of Colette's cheery and positive attitude towards things. 

Colette makes some fantastic jewelry and you should check her out at


photo by H Skowood

1 comment:

Colette said...

Thank you for showing the world my beautiful ring!

You are truly a star and very gifted.