Friday, February 15, 2008

Thank you for visiting, now let me explain...


Thanx for being curious and viewing my blog! I've set this lil' diddy up to invite you to join me in an exploration of handmade contemporary jewelry. 

I am a self proclaimed Metal Goddess and Firestarter who has been designing and making jewelry since 1991. I have worked as a commercial bench jeweler doing repairs and custom jewelry work in platinum, gold and diamonds and have also been running my own business designing, making, selling and exhibiting my own jewelry designs at and at Moore Art Shop in Philadelphia, Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco, Alea in Barcelona- Spain,  St Botolphs Church in London and various galleries in Manchester - England. 

Out of my love of teaching jewelry making which I have been doing for 16+ years I decided to create this blog to share my passion for wearing, coveting, exhibiting, designing and making contemporary jewelry.

Here at my lil' blogspot I promise to share with you some ideas that will hopefully shed some light on all the different ideas out there about self-expression through body adornment which we call jewelry. Jewelry means a lot of different things to a lot of different people from Hip-Hop jewelry, the Queen of England's Crown Jewels, the found object jewelry being made and worn by kids on the streets of Tokyo known as 'Fruits', Victorian Mourning Jewelry to wearable and non-wearable conceptual jewelry art.  

Expect to find posts here about handmade vd mass produced jewelry (which I hope you will create some noise about), a tutorial with photos on how jewelry is made to shed some light on why handmade jewelry costs what it does (it takes a bit of time and patience believe me!), some examples of custom work I make for customers as well as lil' bits I find to inspire me to make these wonderful objects to adorn your body with!

Don't be shy give me a shout!


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Anonymous said...

Stunning stuff.... really impressive... kept this all a secret didn't ya! Looking good my queen....will have to keep an eye on you here my love. The muckster.