Thursday, February 21, 2008

In honor of the total eclipse of La Luna last night...

I hope that many of you had the opportunity to view the total eclipse of the full moon last night, especially since it won't happen again for another 3 years. Well it was my first time and as usual La Luna had me hypnotized by her magic. It was really great how as the shadow of the earth came over her and she became a bit more red, full of her femininity.

Well in honor of this spectacular event I thought I would write a little about a jewelry suite that I made a little while back called, 'La Joyeria de La Luna' that I made for my first ever exhibition in Manchester, England. The exhibition titled, 'Commission Me' featured 10 Northwest England jewellers exploring the relationship between client and maker by choosing their ideal client weather alive, dead, personal or political.

I chose to approach this project from a fictional perspective and decided my client would be Itzamna the Mayan moon god who would visit me in a dream voicing his request that an elaborate piece(s) be made for his wife Ix Chel the moon goddess In the dream he requests that I make something in silver (the metal of the moon) to commemorate her through an exquisite design reflecting contemporary ideas of sculpture, architecture, and ritual; ideas he also appreciates from the Classic Mayan Period He also explains that it should be worn by a woman who is of strong female character like Ix Chel.

I have always been drawn to the moon and to Meso-American Art since I was a young girl so it seemed like a great theme to explore for this exhibition. I had so much fun making this sterling silver nose ornament which was inspired by nose ornaments worn by the Maya and the accompanying neckpiece that when worn tilts the head upwards to view the moon. 

My now friend and fellow exhibitor Colette Hazelwood who also curated this exhibition created a gobstopper for George W Bush for this exhibition. Colette has some great contemporary jewellery ideas you should check her out!


photo by Jon Cotton

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