Monday, February 18, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - Jim Farr

Sterling silver brooch with Big Dipper/Alaskan flag motif
for Jim Farr, Massachusetts - USA, 2007

This brooch was commissioned by Jim Farr for his sister with whom he took a trip to Alaska with. He requested a sterling silver brooch be made for her using the Alaskan Flag which features the Big Dipper.

The brooch is made entirely by hand by cutting and shaping two ovals out of silver sheet then doming and soldiering them together. The stars are hand cut out of the sheet before soldering and the North Star was cut out from a separate slightly thicker sheet and then soldier to the surface of the oval.

Jim and I were very happy with the brooch in the end as it is a very clean and simple design that will allow his sister to wear it anytime.


photo by HSkwoood

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