Sunday, February 17, 2008

Commissioned Jewelry - for Naomi Anderson

18K white gold engagement ring with diamonds and pink tourmaline
for Naomi Anderson, Birmingham - UK, 2005

This has to be my favorite engagement ring commission! Naomi approached me with the wonderful news that she was getting engaged and her fiance had given her his mother's cluster ring with a center stone surrounded by prong set diamonds. A lovely ring indeed but Naomi wanted something a bit more contemporary looking.

So after discussing with Naomi that she wanted something substantial in look and weight  plus for it to look a bit more contemporary we agreed to the above design. The pink tourmaline is set low (so not to catch on things as she works) in a bezel setting (framed in metal not set with prongs or claws) with the diamonds flush-set down the side of the ring and an extra diamond set on the side of the ring for a unique detail.

The result is a custom made ring tailored to Naomi's style and functional tastes with the added sentimental value of incorporating the stones of her mother-in-law's ring. 

Watch out later in 2008 I'll be making their wedding bands. 


photo by HSkowood


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed at how much you've written since you opened the blog! Maybe you should just write a BOOK! Great pictures too! T-bo

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see my ring on the internet!

I'm having ideas for the wedding bands already, I like your flat and round combination, I think I'll have a skinny one.

Still working on Nathan...

Naomi xx

skowood said...

Well surprise! Your ring is now famous on my blog. heehee

I cannot wait to work on the wedding bands and see the ideas you are cookin' up. Get Nathan movin' the summer wedding is right around the corner and we have to take international delivery into consideration!