Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Architectonics: Foundations in Jewellery

'Architectonics: Foundations in Jewellery' is an exhibition of jewellery by 10 jewellers that I curated with the Manchester Jewellers Network for the UK's 2006 Architecture Week. The exhibition was originally shown in England at Manchester's Urbis 'an exhibition centre focusing on city life' then travelled to Liverpool to be presented at the Royal Institute of British Architects and in 2007 went on to Velvet da Vinci gallery in San Francisco.

Through the talent of 10 Manchester jewellers the exhibition celebrates Manchester's Victorian and Industrial era architecture as well as the architectural boom that Manchester has been experiencing since the IRA bombed the city center in 1996.

For the exhibition I chose to create a sterling silver knuckleduster based on the radial design of Strangeways Prison. (See photos above too) I chose Strangeways for multiple personal connections as well as social commentary. No, I was never in the joint but I am very aware of the HUGE business of incarceration and in the injustices in America, my home country. I also once worked as a historic tour guide at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia which was also built on this same radial design. The title of this piece 'Strangeways We Have Arrived' is taken from the title of my favorite Manchester band The Smith's Album, "Strangeways Here We Come'. To read my full artist statement and view the entire online version of the exhibition visit

To read the lecture I gave at Urbis on the exhibition visit Klimt02


Architectural Computer Rendering by Will 

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